The Venus Factor and Weight Loss After Having Children

Weight loss is always a challenge and never more so than after having a child. Giving birth is a wonderful, natural thing but it does some pretty horrible things to a woman’s body that can be tough to come back from. It’s always a talking point to see how celebrity mothers get back in shape after a few months of having a baby but let’s face it, if you had a world class trainer, chef on call and the budget for healthy food you’d also be looking pretty good. There are a number of diets available that target post natal weight loss. It’s very important to understand what happens to a woman’s metabolism during pregnancy and after childbirth. Our metabolism is one of the key factors to look out for when embarking on a diet.

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Your metabolism regulates how quickly your body burns up the energy you have stored in the fat and other components you get from the food you eat. If you have a slow metabolism then no matter how much running around picking up kid’s toys you do you’re just not going to lose those pounds you picked up. It’s important to choose a diet that works on increasing your metabolism so that your body gets into fat burning mode. Our hormones also have a lot to do with whether or not our dieting efforts are successful. Of course there’s nothing quite like pregnancy to play havoc with your hormones.

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One of the key hormones involved in regulating our appetites is called Leptin. If you don’t have enough of the stuff then the cravings kick in and you’ll be ditching your diet faster than you can say “Ben and Jerries”. The Venus Factor diet targets the regulation of Leptin. It is a diet that has been designed especially for women by a specialist in the field of nutrition and weight loss called John Barban. A number of women, many of the mothers, have reported excellent results in their efforts to lose weight and get in shape. Having to look after kids, new born or teenagers, is a daunting task which doesn’t leave you with much time to take care of yourself. This is why I especially enjoyed the diet reviews of this diet because they highlighted how with just 15 minutes of exercise a day and eating some key foods to boost Leptin production can give you the results you’re looking for.